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There are many ways to support my unique message as the Rebel Bitcoiner, not all are direct donations. The best way is to Become a Member! Check out the free ways to support below, as well as the my affiliate links to important products!


My goal is to provide valuable resources to the Bitcoin community in the form of my podcast, newsletter and other educational resources. I will never shill an altcoin or provide affiliate links to scams. All of my content aligns with rock solid bitcoin freedom values.

As my show continues to grow, I aim to earn a full-time income from these activities while keeping a lot of the content free. My current expenses are hosting, internet, audio and computer equipment, several other paid accounts, as well as all the time researching, recording, editing, writing and posting.

Becoming a member is the best way to support, but keep reading, there are several other ways that cost you nothing.

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We are always looking to partner with quality companies, which correspond to our values as a brand. We are dedicated to Bitcoin-only content, a free market ethos and building Bitcoin infrastructure.

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