June 2023 So Far, Bitcoin Wrap-up Part 2 - Live E351

SEC sues Coinbase and Binance. HUGE week, this week for the markets! Bitcoin price is holding up, will that continue? Mining and lightning news!

June 2023 So Far, Bitcoin Wrap-up Part 2 - Live E351

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In this episode, is the second weekly update for the month, originally streamed on June 12, 2023. Sign up today to get those as they are dropped each Monday!

In this episode I cover the huge SEC news regarding Coinbase and Binance. This is the Crypto-not-Bitcoin apocalypse. Also the big week ahead for macro. It his could be the turning week we've been waiting for. The halving is coming, stocks are rallying, miners are showing confidence, miner selling has ended for now. I also touch on Layer 2 news with Ark and LightSpark. Enjoy.

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