Will a Freer Market with Bitcoin Lead to More Technology Advancement? - Daily Live 2.15.23 | E319

Talking a little about futurology and progressive fallacy. Also about altcoiners seeing the light on bitcoin and false conclusions about the Fed.

Will a Freer Market with Bitcoin Lead to More Technology Advancement? - Daily Live 2.15.23 | E319

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In today's episode, I start off with a long introduction to competing progressive schools of thought. We are probably familiar with communist progressives on the left, but there is also a school on the right of technology progressives. The latter thinks there will be ever increasing levels of technology and it would be best if governments got out of the way.

While I do believe capitalism is the way to go, this progressive vision of moving toward a technological utopia of AI, robots, and interstellar travel is very unlikely with more free markets. It is likely we will choose family and faith over progress of this nature, we'll move out of cities and become more self-sufficient instead of growing more fragile and dependent on ever centralizing systems

Next is about altcoiners starting to see the light as the SEC swoops in and destroys the viability of all these scams.

Lastly, we breifly cover retail sales in the US accelerating in January, but how this doesn't necessarily mean the Fed will clamp down harder. All they've done hasn't squashed the economy, so what makes people think them doing more will do that? What if they don't do much of anything in the real economy and they are only playing experts for the cameras. Enjoy.

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