JPow SLAMS Central Bank ESG Lunacy! - Daily Live 1.10.23 | E297

Live reaction to Jerome Powell's comments at central bank meeting in Sweden where he closed the door on central bank policy being use for ESG madness.

JPow SLAMS Central Bank ESG Lunacy! - Daily Live 1.10.23 | E297

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In today's episode, I watch and react to Powell's appearance at a central banking panel in Stockholm, Sweden this week. Many people were expecting some policy guidance in the speech. We didn't that that, but we did get a huge slam of the ESG policy that has been pushed by other central banks like the ECB in recent years.

Powell pretty much lays the smackdown, saying the Federal Reserve will not be pursuing climate or ESG goal through its policy or tools. This is a massive split in central bank interest between the Davos controlled ECB and the Wall Street control Federal Reserve.

I fast forwarded a lot of the less interesting words from the speakers. Enjoy.

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