Severe or Slight Recession? - Daily Live 12.21.22 | E286

Discussing the oil market and using it to predict recession. Also, some deep thoughts on the general state of humanity.

Severe or Slight Recession? - Daily Live 12.21.22 | E286

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Today's episode is a free form show. I cover serveral unrelated topics. First, is the current developments in the oil market, where production is up to 12.26 million bbl/d in the US, which is being offset by the decline in releases from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, creating a net neutral supply condition, yet price is hitting higher highs. That tells me that economic activity is actually rising in the US.

Next, we take a look at the bitcoin price and discuss some things from that market. Lastly, I go through the deep thought of the day. That without government involvement perhaps official measured living standards would drop, but living standards in other things would go way up.

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Charts and images

US crude oil production
WTI price chart
Bitcoin price chart, daily
S&P 500 daily chart

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