Anti-Bitcoin Bill is a Joke and DOA - Daily Live 12.15.22 | E282

Elizabeth Warren's anti-bitcoin bill is unconstitutional in multiple ways and DOA. Plus, Japan's economic research says China will never overtake the US.

Anti-Bitcoin Bill is a Joke and DOA - Daily Live 12.15.22 | E282

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In today's episode, I discuss Senator Elizabeth Warren's new anti-bitcoin bill introduced in Congress this week. It is atrociously bad, being Unconstitutional on multiple levels, and will go nowhere. It does a great job of outlining what the dystopian hell hole a CBDC will be.

Next, I talk about the recent Japanese Center for Economic Research (JCER) report that now predicts China will not surpass the US economically in the foreseeable future. Exactly as I have been saying. They stopped short of calling out the real reason behind it though, that is communism. Enjoy the episode, make sure you are subscribed!

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