Bitcoin Realism & Conspiracies - Daily Live 12.2.22 | E274

ECB attack on bitcoin and the US jobs report.

Bitcoin Realism & Conspiracies - Daily Live 12.2.22 | E274

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In this episode, I react to a tweet thread by Danial Batton about the recent ECB blog post attacking bitcoin being a sign that the indirect attacks on bitcoin through proxies have failed, so the ECB has resorted direct attacks. In it he frames central banks as the big bad evil in the world. My take is slightly different. They are very inefficient, but they are not necessarily the result conspiracy. Credit money won because it was better for the time and the place. Now the global monetary environment has changed because we are at the end of the global credit bubble. The world will naturally go toward a new money.

This is a much more positive view, because instead of fighting omnipotent central planners and the most powerful people on the planet, you realize that the market will simply evolve and move toward bitcoin naturally.

Next, I talk about the recent jobs report that came out yesterday, and the discrepancy between the Household and Establishment surveys. I once again take an anti-conspiracy stance, saying they just measure different things, and if the government wanted to manipulate things, why do they leave the Household survey untouched, and there to point out the manipulation? Why wouldn't they manipulate both?

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