Daily Live - YouTube Ban, Fed Decision Day, Foxconn - 11.2.2022 | E254

New beginnings for the podcast. Raw unedited live streams. YouTube banned me yesterday, FOMC decision today, Foxconn situation

Daily Live - YouTube Ban, Fed Decision Day, Foxconn - 11.2.2022 | E254

This episode of Bitcoin & Markets marks a new beginning. Yesterday YouTube terminated my channel out of the blue after a live stream. I've since appealed, but this incident has made be question the direction of my show.

This is a raw and unedited version of my live stream. I will be posting every live stream I do on Telegram and Twitter to my podcast feed as well. Where paid supporters were the only ones getting my live stream recordings, I want to open them up to everyone and try to broaden my reach.

I also started a Rumble channel to check out.

On this episode I talk about the ban, the upcoming Fed policy decision later today, the bitcoin price and technical analysis, and a few other topics from my Telegram channel, like the Foxconn issues over in China.

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