Ethereum vs Bitcoin Issuance - E252

Eth folks are trying to compare ethereum's arbitrary, temporary, and centralized issuance to bitcoin's fixed supply and issuance. I debunk it, and cover unforgeable costliness and stock to flow.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin Issuance - E252

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This episode is adapted from a live stream from Oct 12, 2022, where I discuss some arguments put forth by ethereum proponents about issuance of ethereum vs bitcoin.

Topics covered are unforgeable costliness and stock-to-flow. I discuss them and even read definitions from my Bitcoin Dictionary.


Original Tweet thread I am reacting to:

Thread by @ercwl on Thread Reader App
@ercwl: The Merge resulted in a massive issuance rate reduction of ETH, from 4.1% down to 0.2% I think if bitcoiners don’t believe this is going to have a positive impact on the ETH price, it becomes...…

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