Q&A on Deflation: Part 1 - E230

We cover 3 Q's in Part 1, about technological deflation, QE, and sources of deflation. Part 2 includes 2 more questions and general deflationary arguments.

Q&A on Deflation: Part 1 - E230

Hopefully this episode helps you understand the monetary system and some of the arguments for a future outlook that is deflationary.

Questions were sent in by long time supporter Rob. They are below. We cover the first three in this Part 1 and then tackle the last two in Part 2, along with a general discussion on CPI and asset price inflation. I have Part 2 recorded, but have to edit it and upload it. So, you can expect that in a few days.

  1. Jeff Booth talks about how we should have massive DEflation due to technology and productivity advances, yet we don’t, why not?
  2. Is it possible to have both inflation and deflation in different types of goods and commodities, is that what is happening?
  3. With the fed expanding supply of reserves dramatically, why don’t we see consumer inflation. Where do we look to measure it?
  4. How come there is no consensus on what is or is not inflation, and what is or is not likely to come in the next 12-18 months?
  5. Gold has a reputation of being a hedge of inflation, has that proven true or false over time? Bitcoin?


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