Podcast Archive

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8/9/2019Summing Up Markets and Gold vs Bitcoin – E179
8/2/2019Breakout or Relief Rally – E178
7/26/2019Price is All That Matters – E177
7/19/2019Congress Talks Bitcoin – E176
7/12/2019Trump and Powell, Bullish or Bearish – E175
7/5/2019Bitcoin Price, CME and Tether – E174
6/28/2019Blow-off Tops & Consolidation – E173
6/21/2019We’re All Turning Japanese Now – E172
6/14/2019How they Defend the Dollar – E171
6/12/2019Bitcoin Banter 7 | Decentralizing YouTube
6/7/2019Global Coin and Money – E169
5/31/2019Your Bitcoin Bias – E168
5/17/2019Price Drop, Hunting for Support – E167
5/10/2019Bitcoin Turns Bullish, Altcoins Turn Flaccid – E166
5/3/2019Tether is the Front Line – E165
4/29/2019Bitcoin Banter 6 | Treasure Hunts, Privacy, and Price
4/29/2019Tether and Bitfinex Get in Trouble – E163
4/19/2019Building Bitcoin Demand, News and Rants – E162
4/9/2019Bitcoin Banter 5
4/5/2019CME, Mining and China – E160
3/29/2019Price Action, Chinese Wet Season, and Fake Volume Discussion – E159
3/26/2019Bitcoin Banter 4
3/23/2019Curve Inversion, Global Slowdown, Lightning Loop – E157
3/15/2019Lightning, Tether and Security – E156
3/8/2019Fakes and Feints – E155
3/4/2019Bitcoin Banter 3 | Lightning, Coinbase and Venezuela
3/1/2019DeleteCoinbase and Yet More Stablecoins – E153
2/22/2019Bitcoin Price, Coinbase and the IMF – E152
2/20/2019Ethereum as Money – POV Crypto Interviews Ansel – E151
2/15/2019Price and Fundamentals, Ethereum and Block Size – E150
2/13/2019Bitcoin Banter 2
2/1/2019Bitcoin Fundamentals and World News – E148
1/24/2019Bitcoin Banter 1 | Series from Bitcoin & Markets – E147
1/18/2019Constantinople and Grin, Price and Fundamentals – E146
1/13/2019Interview with PayPod – E145
1/6/2019Deplatforming and Other Things w/ Max Hillebrand | Bitcoin is Freedom BIF12


12/21/2018Bitcoin Against the World, Price and Fundamentals Analysis – E143
12/7/2018Crypto Winter – E142
11/29/2018Listener Q&A Time – E141
11/23/2018Rekkt – E140
11/11/2018Bcash Drama and Riff – E139
11/2/2018Bitcoin Price and Fundamentals Analysis 11/2/18 – E138
10/19/2018Bitcoin Price and Fundamentals Analysis 10/19/18 – E137
10/14/2018Bitcoin Price and Fundamentals Analysis 10/14/18 – E136
10/5/2018Bitcoin Price and Fundamentals Analysis 10/5/18 – E135
9/28/2018Bitcoin Price and Fundamentals Analysis 9/28/18 – E134
9/24/2018Listener Q&A Time | Bitcoin & Markets – E133
9/21/2018Bitcoin Price and Fundamentals Analysis 9/21/2018 – E132
9/14/2018Bitcoin Price and Fundamentals Analysis 9/14/2018 – E131
9/11/2018Skateboard Chris | Bitcoin is Freedom BIF8
9/7/2018Bitcoin Fundamentals 9/7/2018 – E129
9/2/2018Listener Q&A Time | Bitcoin & Markets – E128
8/12/2018Bitcoin Price Fundamentals Analysis 8/12/2018 – E127
7/31/2018Bitcoin Independence Day 2018
7/25/2018Crypto Rant – Bitcoin vs Altcoins and Austrians – E125
7/17/2018Bitcoin Price and Fundamentals 7/17/2018 – E124
7/10/2018Crypto Rant – Bullish Bitcoin, Bearish Altcoins – E123
7/2/2018Price Fundamentals 7/2/2018 – E122
6/28/2018Crypto Rant – News and Commentary 6/28/2018 – E121
6/23/2018Bitcoin Price and Fundamentals 6/23/2018 – E120
6/19/2018Cultural Consequences of Fiat Money – Part 1 | Bitcoin is Freedom BIF
6/13/2018Securities, Blockchain and DPoS – E118
6/11/2018Bitcoin Price and Fundamentals 6/11/2018 – E117
6/2/2018News and Ethereum vs EOS Rant – E116
6/2/2018Bitcoin Price and Fundamentals 6/2/2018 – E115
5/17/2018Bitcoin Price and Fundamentals 5/17/2018 – E114
5/8/2018Altcoin Bugs and Lightning Full Steam Ahead – E113
4/30/2018Bitcoin Price, Fundamentals, and Rant 4/30/2018 – E112
4/24/2018Bitcoin Threat Model w/ JW Weatherman – E111
4/21/2018Bitcoin Price Turns the Corner – E110
4/14/2018Bitcoin Not Bombs – E109
4/5/2018Getting Through Resistance – E108
3/28/2018Lightning Apps – E107
3/20/2018Offense and Defense – E106
3/9/2018Goxed – E105
2/26/2018Hello WCN and Bitcoin Fundamentals – E104
2/7/2018Guess Who’s Back – E103
1/26/2018Lightning Network and Price Manipulation – E102
1/18/2018Breakdown of the Crash – E101
1/10/2018Bitcoin Fundamentals Strong, Ethereum Bugs – E100
1/4/2018Market Cap Attack – E99


12/31/2017End of Year Market Conditions and Ripple – E98
12/26/2017Metrics and Externalities – E97
12/19/2017Not a Bubble – E96
12/13/2017Fundamentals and Maximalism – E95
12/9/2017Fundamentals Confirming Price Increase – E94
12/3/2017PoW Bitcoin: Bitcoin’s Wake – E93
12/1/2017PoW Bitcoin: Fundamentals, Futures and Flyer – E92
11/26/2017Pow Bitcoin: Everything is Going According to Plan – E91
11/21/2017PoW Bitcoin: Tether Scam – E90
11/16/2017PoW Bitcoin: Bitcoin Is So Entertaining – E89
11/8/2017PoW Bitcoin: I Accidently Killed It – E88
11/6/2017PoW Bitcoin: Nothing to Worry About – E87
11/3/2017PoW Bitcoin: Bcash Tricks and CME – E86
10/29/2017PoW Bitcoin: Bitcoin Futures, Market Update – E85
10/25/2017E46: Metronome Reaction
10/19/2017PoW Bitcoin: Segwit2x, Futures, and Q&A – E83
10/14/2017PoW Bitcoin: Mainstream Demand – E82
10/10/2017PoW Bitcoin: All Systems Are Go – E81
10/5/2017PoW Bitcoin: Market Update and Russia – E80
10/3/2017PoW Bitcoin: Bizcoin – E79
9/30/2017PoW Bitcoin: I’ll Take That Bet – E78
9/27/2017PoW Bitcoin: Breakout Time – E77
9/23/2017PoW Bitcoin: Confidence Returns to Bitcoin – E76
9/19/2017PoW Bitcoin: Market Update and the BIS – E75
9/15/2017PoW Bitcoin: China, Dimon, and Regulators – E74
9/9/2017PoW Bitcoin: CEOs Don’t Speak For Users – E73
9/4/2017PoW Bitcoin: China Bans ICOs – E72
9/1/2017PoW Bitcoin: NO2X – E71
8/29/2017PoW Bitcoin: De-dollarization – E70
8/23/2017PoW Bitcoin: Bcash Jump Mining – E69
8/21/2017PoW Bitcoin: Bitcoin Foundations – E68
8/17/2017PoW Bitcoin: Bitcoin in Space – E67
8/15/2017PoW Bitcoin: Pause in the Bitcoin Price – E66
8/11/2017PoW Bitcoin: Did Something Just Break In Stocks? – E65
8/9/2017PoW Bitcoin: Bitcoin Upgrades and the Future – E64
8/6/2017PoW Bitcoin 8/6/2017 – E63
8/3/2017PoW Bitcoin: Bcash Debrief – E62
7/29/2017PoW Bitcoin 7/29/2017 – E61
7/27/2017PoW Bitcoin: Resilient Bitcoin – E60
7/22/2017PoW Bitcoin: Thank You Segwit – E59
7/20/2017PoW Bitcoin 7/20/2017 – E58
7/18/2017PoW Bitcoin: Segwit Signaling – E57
7/12/2017PoW Bitcoin: Janet Yellen and the Dollar – E56
7/10/2017PoW Bitcoin 7/10/2017 – E55
7/7/2017Megablockers – E54
7/5/2017E44: Bitcoin Economics
7/1/2017PoW Bitcoin 7/1/2017 – E52
6/28/2017PoW Bitcoin: Bitcoin Triangles, Dollar Drop – E51
6/24/2017Segwit2x, GDAX Ethereum Crash – E50
6/21/2017Fundamentals and Mempool – E49
6/18/2017Market Update, Price, Fundamentals, Segwit, BU – E48
6/14/2017Breaking News: Bitcoin Activated Hard Fork – E47
6/12/2017E43: Soft Forks and Hard Forks
5/29/2017E42: UASF and The Compromise
5/3/2017E41: Bitcoin Roundup
4/14/2017E40: ASICBoost and Criminals
3/31/2017E39: Top 10 Ethereum Tokens
3/20/2017E38: Fear Uncertainty & Doubt
3/2/2017E37: User Activated Soft Fork
2/23/2017E36: COIN ETF & Bitcoin Pump
2/17/2017E35: Don’t Fight Nature
2/9/2017E34: Season of Chaos
2/1/2017E33: Eurocrat Confusion
1/24/2017E32: Japan is Coming
1/14/2017E31: China Did What?


12/21/2016Bitcoin 101: The Blockchain
12/14/2016E30: Bitcoin Highs, Ver Lows
12/6/2016E29: Ransomware, M-Pesa and Currency War
11/24/2016E28: Bitcoin is Back
11/12/2016E27: Altcoins, India and the East
11/3/2016E26: Wimps and War
10/26/2016Bitcoin 101: Digital Cash
10/25/2016Bitcoin 101: What is Bitcoin?
10/19/2016E25: SeWit, Attacks, and Wikileaks
10/1/2016E24: Blockchains and Cheap Power
9/22/2016E23: Sound Money and Anti-fragility
9/9/2016E22: Bitcoin Is That Exit Door 
9/1/2016E21: TumbleBit, Drones, and Peaceful Protests
8/22/2016E20: Bitcoin 0.13.0 Alert 
8/12/2016E19: Selling Stolen Funds
8/5/2016E18: Bitfinex and Government Apologists
7/29/2016E17: Hard Forks Are Bad
7/22/2016E16: Central Banks of the Bitcoin Space
7/18/2016E15: We Are Making Progress
7/15/2016E14: Ethereum Drama and Steemit Hack, Bitcoin Unaffected
7/11/2016E13: Bitcoin Coming to Italy, Selective Bit License Enforcement
7/7/2016E12: The Fed Should Be Jealous of the Halvening
7/1/2016E11: Don’t Blockchain All The Things
6/28/2016E10: Brexit and the European Breakup
6/24/2016E9: Bitcoin vs Gold
6/22/2016E8: DAO Wars
6/11/2016E7: The Power of Bitcoin
6/4/2016EP6: They Are Coming
5/30/2016EP5: DAO Cluster, Regulation as a Prison, and Elite Confusion and Contempt
5/24/2016EP4: Everything I know about the DAO
5/20/2016EP3: R3CEV Raises Money, Banks Don’t Get It, and Steel Trade Wars
5/16/2016EP2: Demographics and the Rise of the Millennials
5/11/2016EP1: Bitcoin and Markets – The Gavin Situation