Bitcoin Price - CPI, Dormancy Flow and Bloomberg - E235b

CPI is consumer prices not money printing. Bitcoin dormancy flow is showing a major bottom. Bloomberg has a model for bitcoin price that completely misses.

Bitcoin Price - CPI, Dormancy Flow and Bloomberg - E235b

Part 2 of this week's report all about the price. I talk about CPI not being a measure of money printing, but of prices and the explanation for 7% CPI due to supply chain issues. Next, I introduce the Bitcoin Dormancy Flow. I thought this chart was interesting and will be looking into more in the future. Lastly, I welcome Bloomberg to the bitcoin prediction party, finally. They all of a sudden have what they think is a good model for price based on volatility, but a week later and it's already proving to be wrong.

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This is part 2 of a series of episodes that will come out this week. Feedback is welcome.


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