Bitcoin Report: Russia, Bitfinex, Blackrock and Binance - E235a

It's all in the title, I talk through the four big stories in bitcoin this week as they appeared on the Bitcoin Fundamentals Report, and give my own color and input.

Bitcoin Report: Russia, Bitfinex, Blackrock and Binance - E235a

In this episode I walk through four big news items for the week, starting with Russia saying they will regulate bitcoin not ban it. I then move onto the Bitfinex hackers and the recent news about Blackrock opening up bitcoin investing to their clients. I finish off by discussing Binance's newest investment in Forbes for $200M and the precedence that it might set for the entire bitcoin industry.

Follow along with the Bitcoin Fundamentals Report at

This is part 1 of a series of episodes that will come out this week. Feedback is welcome.


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