Price and Fundamentals, Ethereum and Block Size - E150

Along with Fundamentals on this show, I talk about Kraken making moves and I highlight a new metrics based news outlet called Longhash. After that I get into the problems in Ethereum development, with its centralization and bad morale. I close out the episode with a rant about the bitcoin block size debate that has come back in a new form.Luke Dash Jr, want’s to decrease the block size to 300 kb for resource constraints. To decrease bloat and future difficulty to run a node. I claim this isn’t a technical debate, it’s an economic debate, and the economics are unclear. There’s no reason to change consensus until other market solutions are examined.

Kraken acquired Crypto Facilities provides benchmarks for CME futures

Ethereum churn and acquiescing to developers

Eth apps are increasing in number, but users aren’t going up. The average 24h users is still about 8000-8500 even though, there’s 100 new apps a month! Only 10% of apps are active in any given 24 hour period. WTF?